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Taitron Components Incorporated

TAITRON, "Discrete Components Superstore", differentiates itself from other electronic component distributors in the following ways:

  • TAITRON keeps prices competitive as a result of its strategic volume purchasing of a wide variety of discrete components direct from name brand manufacturers, and by its efficient low overhead operations.

  • TAITRON is a master distributor for many of its suppliers, selling over 44.1% of its sales to other electronic distributors, many that are in Electronic Buyers News' top 50 largest electronics distributors.

  • TAITRON focuses its business exclusively on the distribution of Discrete Semiconductors, Optoelectronic Devices and Passive Components.

  • TAITRON distributes only electronic components with low average selling price (ASP). In 2000, TAITRON's per unit ASP was approximately 1.8 cents.

  • TAITRON's large and diversified inventory provides customers one-stop shopping for their just-in-time inventory needs.

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